The Head Shaman

06 Sep The Head Shaman

Synatha threw the soft fell back onto her polished brass mirror, hiding the scene on the shiny surface and interrupting her seeing spell. It had become more hard for her to see with each year gone. She thought back when she first gained this power. She was just a normal little shaman among the others back then, under the old creaking head shaman Grinuld. She was the most promising of the new shamans, but her lack of seeing made her out of question for Grinuld’s successor.

Despite that, she had worked hard and Grinuld had made her his assistant and grew dependent on her. He didn’t see his own end, a precise shot and deadly fire bolt from the dragon Jadyrin. During the tumult in the tribe after his death, a young and naive healer gave birth to a boy with the signs of strong sight. Strongest Synatha had ever seen. She and the boy’s parents came to an agreement. Synatha put a curse on the boy, gaining his sight. In Exchange the parents, the mother only a lesser healer and the father a wandering trapper still new to the tribe, became now Synatha’s distant relatives, and  wealthy. They could move into a house with more than one room with a pallet and sit in some of the councils. Synatha’s magical increase was welcome in the tribe and she was made head shaman the same dark moon.

It was all so simple and perfect. Synatha signed and heaved herself out of her armchair. She was young and eager for the might and ruespect of a head shaman. No one could tell her about the side effects. She had only wanted the boy’s Sight, but her curse took almost every other magic off him, but not his whole sight. She couldn’t see anything of him or, much worse, the dragons. It was dangerous for them, a dragon blind head shaman. But no other shaman had any Sight strong enough to see them either. To add to her hassle, the boy developed a strong mind, drawing his magic back with more force each turning moon. She had to keep him near to help the curse, but he could even defend him self with the most basic magics. How could her curse backfire in such a way?

The door creaked and Synatha heard the light rustle and then steps of her newest pupil. The girl Leila was promising, though her Sight was nowhere near the talent of the boy, or of the old Grinuld. Synatha hoped that it would be enough to keep the tribe safe. She couldn’t. They had already lost too many fighters to the dragons. It seemed that the fate was tipping to the dragons now. There had always been at least one shaman able to see the dragons‘ actions in the mists of the future. Now Synatha was lucky if there was one new trainee who could tell next moon’s weather. She wished sometimes she hadn’t laid the curse. But it was needed. And there was no way back.

„Leila dearie, where were you?“ Synatha knew she was out with her old friends. But maybe she had news of the boy. He tended to get into trouble, unknowing how important he was.

„Just out.“ Leila felt like in a trial and being questioned. She didn’t like it. „We caught Rothen outside the library. Think he’s up to some thing again. “ Leila pondered and went on. „Why do you insist on him being schooled as a mage anyway? He can’t even …“ She glanced at the head shaman and stopped, seeing the forbidding look on the older woman’s face. „Excuse me, please Synatha, I don’t know why I said that.“

„You still have to sort the herbs in those baskets till tomorrow. So better you start.“ Synatha knew the tribe was beginning to wonder why she took an interest in the boy. She can’t explain it to them. She just have to find a way to solve this problem.

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