05 Sep Trouble

Rothen had taken to the darker and lesser used ways to the library. He trusted his sense to warn him off trouble, one of the magics he could master, though he didn’t know how he could control it or train it. He just sensed trouble like he could saw through his eyes. Normal trouble though, like some too drunken hunters mistaking him for one of the easy girls, shunned by the tribe and making them fair games for men of their and other tribes. Rothen was thin and small, with his long dark hair, he was quite easy to be mistaken for a girl.

He couldn’t sense magical trouble though. And this was definitely magical trouble. And big trouble at that. They probably had a little whisper bee at his house, telling them when he leaves. They were all there, even Leila, who was a senior shaman apprentice now and kept away from the others those days.

„Look who’s out!“ Feril called. „You guys think he will now play with us?“ Rothen tried to skirt them, only to find some of them had already encircled him.

„Na, him? Never. You know he’s Synatha’s pet. Way better than us!“ Jonan lisped. „Too good to hang out.“ Rothen used to like him, till the head shaman forbade him to leave the town. He couldn’t tell them that though, it would only make it worse.

„Yea, guess we need to remind him then.“ Rothen didn’t like the look on Feril’s face. He backed up against the wall.

„What do you think, Leil‘? You could magick him into a frog. And leave him for the ravens.“ Apparently, Ray was still fond of Leila. And¬†she ignored him as usual. Some things never change. Others do. She looked at Rothen as if she was really considering Ray’s suggestion. They used to get along pretty well. But that was before head shaman Synatha took personal interest in her studies and at the same time isolated him from all others. Was Leila jealous of him? Did she think Synatha was training him? Well, now was bad timing to think about that.

„Hey! Leave him alone!“ Nolia was near enough to see that little mage Rothen. He had tried his luck with fighting magics last half moon hunt, and steered an arrow towards the head shaman. Understandably Synatha banned him from battle spells after that. Though still keeping him around her, to everyone’s surprise. But that was things for her to ponder over during her boring cleaning work.

Ray was the first to reply. „Who’s your puppy, Rotty?“ Rothen had seen the older girl in hunter looks once or twice. She probably thought him a weakling. She was one of the talentless ones. Otherwise they would have met her in their earlier studies. He didn’t think she knew what she was doing. Or she was extremely well skilled with her weapons. But she was too young for the second, so it was pretty foolish of her to get into a quarreling bunch of crafter trainees.

„Don’t want to share your honey boo, uhn?“ Why wouldn’t Ray just stop. To their surprise, it was Leila who kind of saved Rothen. „I’m bored, Feril. I thought you brought me for some excitement. Not to mention the Elders won’t like trouble near the library.“ She yawned, and Rothen wasn’t sure whether it was mimed. „I still have herbs to sort.“ With that, she started down the way to the shamans‘ residence. The others only waivered a little and ran after her, trying to convince her to visit at least a pub with them.

„What a show.“ The hunter girl was still there. Now almost next to him, she was one full hand taller than Rothen, though seems to be same age as him. „No body asked you to come.“ He was latched, not liking the prospect of him being saved by a talentless girl. „I was handling it myself.“

Nolia just shrugged. What a lofty little mage. More lofty than mage. But well, almost every one in the tribe was higher situated than her. „Suit yourself.“ She shifted her rabbits onto the other shoulder and continued her way home. What happened was interesting enough to entertain her for some more evenings doing leather work.

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